Elite IT Group offers superior industry solutions that help your business to earn the greatest value from IT investments. Our solutions quicken innovation, improve productivity, lower cost and optimize the utilization of assets. IT consulting is now a booming trade across all industry verticals. 

Health and Human Services

In this challenging economic scenario, how will your company keep up with the rising demand for human services? Elite IT Group is a premium IT consulting form that carries out health and human services. We offer objective analysis and strategic counselling to public agencies, NGOs, industries and many private organizations. The company offers solid programmatic knowledge and expertise to assist various agencies multiply financing abilities, reduce cost, strengthen business processes and offer better results to clients. The company hires the best talents and brightest minds, the ones who are really interested in delivering health and human services. We have built a strong client and customer reputation over the past years and our employees love us too much. When it comes to health and human services, we offer the best policy, in-depth research and rich consulting services.

We offer a wide array of consulting services to assist the health agencies and state to operate efficiently and improve the entire scenario.

  • We engage in Child welfare and youth services
  • We carry out Child care and early education
  • We look after health care reform.
  • The company assists persons with disabilities and elders
  • Workforce development is a part of our service
  • Elite IT Group assists needy families.

Unemployment Insurance

Managing unemployment claims can be extremely challenging in this complex business world. It doesnot matter whether the rate of unemployment is high or low or whether you are managing claim management in-house or outsourcing. The most important thing about Unemployment Insurance is it offers solid pressure so that our people keep on working. When it comes to unemployment insurance benefits, it is important to implement a successful IT framework. This is where Elite IT Group plays an essential role. We have experience in helping agencies with tactical visioning, improving business processes and restructuring of the organization. We assist the labour agencies so that they can serve better through unemployment insurance, trade adjustment assistance, workforce investment act and others. We deliver dedicated services to the workers’ compensation programs to enhance their case management, adjudication, accounting process and payment.

  • Planning the entire system and wise implementation
  • We design the best cross-platform business processes
  • Evaluate and analyze program thoroughly
  • We undergo service delivery model assessment
  • The company carries out strict fraud detection and prevention methods
  • Help in identifying, proper planning and finely executing strategies for business and technology changes.


These days’ healthcare companies are facing new challenges in consumer behaviour, regulatory demands and market dynamics. Elite IT Group works closely to the healthcare firms to offer high quality service to the patients, deliver fuel innovation, reduce complex operating systems and cut down cost. We have an efficient team that brings immense experience in the healthcare domain. We are chose by the healthcare leaders because they understand the importance of reforming and regulating mandates. We assist them to work better and efficiently. Elite IT Group works with leading healthcare firms regarding strategy, organization, operations and operations. Our team helps the companies to develop practical solutions to deliver sustainable results. We support global healthcare practice for clients in existing as well as emerging markets. Elite’s healthcare business consulting follows the market forces and trends that are forcing IT spend and trade, we rethink new business models, optimize operations and allow technology innovation.

  • The company creates optimum growth strategies for the markets to enjoy market leadership.
  • Develop cost-effective and solid business models.
  • Improve service and product innovation
  • We design the organization perfectly to get unparallel performance
  • Adapt to various market strategies to deal with sudden shifts in customer landscape
  • Harness healthcare IT to reduce expenses, stay abreast of the improvement curve and build better quality care facilities.