Our Services

At Elite IT Group Inc, we have a full-fledged IT training and consulting team that includes experienced and certified trainers, consultants and facilitators. They are extremely focused in offering top-notch live training and arranging workshops, coaching and worthy consulting. We stick to industry standards and try to deliver par excellence. 

IT Training


Elite IT Group Inc offers superior and customized training solutions for many victorious organizations. All the courses are comprehensive and we offer excellent training to the attendees in areas of health, care, human services and unemployment insurance. Every year, we help to bring out professionals in the U.S and in international locations. Elite IT Group understands the hectic task of locating, hiring staffs, team organization over a multiple location. So, we are here to manage the processes which include managing deadlines, defining budgets, choosing training sites, timely scheduling and payroll system.

Once the training duration is complete, the attendees can start practicing immediately and utilize the information they have gathered. Help them to carry their skills beyond classroom into daily work scenarios.

Our trainers are extremely flexible, offering result-oriented training process. This helps the organizations and industries to plan ahead, manage well and deliver well-structured learning. The trainers have extensive academic background in their respective domains. So you can call them subject matter experts. Elite IT Group helps clients to simplify the entire learning process and also in execution of software and services. All the training again includes inclusive course documentation.

  • We provide you with the most efficient local trainer
  • Our learning solutions are highly engaging, crafted to breathe life
  • Clients can achieve expected business results via our programs
  • We conduct interviews, tests, analysis, observation, learning, training workshops, briefing, implementation
  • We wish to bring about a real impact in the industry we deal with.
  • Ours is a 360 degree initiative – you shall get value for money

IT Consulting

Elite IT group has proven expertise and real-time experience to assist you to take a practical approach regarding your business. We manage everything right from strategic matters, organization, complex processes and operations and analysis. We have helped many organizations to reach the pinnacle of success, draw more profit and operate effectively. Strategy is very important for us so we strive to make your business a unique one. The company offers highly qualified consultancy services across varied domains. We have consultants that help your organization members to work strategically. Our professionals care for efficiency in all the sectors. With effective organization, you can save a considerable amount of money. We emphasis on project-based working that makes work more effective. Our qualified project managers carry out your project in an efficient manner to attain maturity. They use the best tools and the strategies for operations. Elite IT Group has years of experience in consulting for large and small companies. Our consulting work has a positive impact on the clients.

  • Our consultants think, create, analyze, brainstorm, convince, take up challenges and new ideas to become superior.
  • We fulfil an organization’s long term vision, promote better outcome and bring growth.
  • Our consulting process is collaborative and dynamic; it is also personalized and unique.
  • Due to our exposure, we are aware of the industry standards and best practices.
  • We follow a streamlined process based on specific needs using proven techniques.
  • Your success depends on us and we care for your growth. Clients are our priority.

IT Staffing

Worried about the placement process? Responding to the ever changing needs and technology using only internal staffs are a huge challenge. We help you to overcome. Elite IT Group specializes in recruitment process and places the professionals across varied industry domains. When it comes to staffing, we understand your needs and desires. We practice enterprise talent acquisition with tested professionals who have a solid grab of all your requirements. This helps you to respond to opportunities faster which in turn save both time and money. We help you to achieve exceptional connections in this complex world. To succeed in the world of technology, you need the experts and opportunities. You will find Elite IT Group always beside you. We are a global provider of IT staffing services and we perform our task every single day. The company takes up staffing tasks for both temporary and permanent positions. We are highly flexible, know how to expand resources and help the industry to hire the best talents.

  • We are very much secure and optimize variable and strategic component to success.
  • We bridge the gap between the deserving candidates, skill sets and competencies.
  • Our experienced team is capable of searching the best talents to achieve the job.
  • All the candidates are thoroughly screened before placement
  • We provide candidates within 24 working hours.
  • We take time to understand our clients requirements as well as the candidates.